The Prophetic Perspective will direct the misguided, inspire the disheartened, clarify the confused, and empower the masses.” 

—kris vallotton


Modern-day prophets—really?
The answers in this book may surprise you.

About the Book


The Prophetic Perspective is a historical review and learning tool for all things prophetic. Debunking the myths, Dr. Chironna’s teaching breathes life into the nuts and bolts of prophetic activity. This book will answer:


• What does prophetic really mean?

• How has the term “prophetic” fallen into misuse and abuse?

• What are the dynamics involved when the Church is fulfilling its prophetic responsibilities?

• How does a sense of the prophetic enhance corporate worship?

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What People Are Saying…

Dr. Chironna's book, The Prophetic Perspective, really hits the nail on the head. It outlines the proper attitude and motivation we should all be pressing into concerning the prophetic anointing. This important book shares the intent of the Father in prophetic operation, sharing what to avoid, what to pursue and key points for activating the godly perspective of prophecy in the church and in the individual. It's these kinds of books that supercharge the reader, imparting an element of Christ's grace and anointing in their lives and ministries, and teach us all how not to squander the precious resources of the Lord.


James Maloney

 author, The Dancing Hand of God and The Panoramic Seer



Dr. Mark Chironna is one of the greatest communicators of our day. He has a unique ability to help unlock your personal destiny and help us as a church discover where we are, so we can get to where God wants us to be! This book is full of powerful prophetic insights and is a must read for every believer!


Martha Munizzi

Award Winning Singer/Songwriter

International Praise & Worship Leader


This is a much needed book bringing clarity in the midst of a plethora of prophetic ideologies that at times are confusing and others even deceptive, some even false. Mark Chironna lays a great foundation for prophets and the prophetic, embracing their value as well as taking us back to first things regarding the prophetic. He demystifies and recenters this God given gift and office to the church. The Word and the Church!


Barbara Yoder


As a great ambassador for Christ, Dr. Mark Chironna raises the standard for us on what a true prophetic ministry looks like and what a true prophet today is to exemplify. Taking us on a journey of both Old and New Testament examples, Mark takes us on an adventure that is both exhilarating and fulfilling. He points us to the Word; he points us to character and he points us to our upward call in Christ Jesus. Be inspired as you read about God’s eternal purpose and step into it for yourself!


Dr. James W. Goll

Encounters Network, Prayer Storm, Compassion Acts

Author of The Seer, Dream Language, The Lost Art of Intercession,
The Lost Art of Pure Worship and many more.

About the Author


With the nurturing heart of an apostolic father and the veil-rending cry of a proven prophetic ministry to the nations, Dr. Mark J. Chironna serves to empower believers and equip the Body of Christ in this age. He is the founder of Church on The Living Edge in Orlando, Florida, where he also serves as senior pastor.



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